Case studies

From charities, the arts & public services to social enterprises, businesses and education providers, all kinds or organisations now recognise the value of Community Philosophy; the results speak for themselves.

See what previous participants say about the course, and what happened when they applied Community Philosophy in their own work.

Case Study_The Knock-on Effect of Community Philosophy
Case Study: Dwell Time Soars in New Gallery
Case Study: Handling Sensitive Topics at Northern College

Brief case studies:

Project managers used Community Philosophy to explore the experiences of museum visitors and volunteers. This shaped the development of a new Arts Council-funded gallery, which was widely acclaimed, and led to a culture shift in the way the museum is managed.

* Community workers used Community Philosophy to support inter-generational dialogue and explore anti-social behaviour for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. This resolved conflict and paved the way for social action projects and community cohesion.

* Housing officers accessed ‘knowledge on the ground’ and learned to evaluate their work through Community Philosophy. This enhanced a sense of ownership among tenants, increasing their participation in decision-making. Staff came to understand and respond positively to problems experienced by residents.

* Academics from Newman University joined Graeme in using Community Philosophy as a qualitative and participatory research method for EU-funded work on street violence. Their findings led to the publication of international guidelines for youth workers.