Philosophy Walks

Building on his work in Community Philosophy, Graeme now offers the opportunity to participate in ‘Philosophical Walks’.


Philosophy Walks 2018

In collaboration with teamwalking, April 13th, Osmotherley, details


Download the pdf: Philosophy walks

‘It is our habit to think outdoors.’ Friedrich Nietzsche

Historic landscapes, stunning views, invigorating fresh air, the sense of well-being derived from being in nature… There can be few people who are unmoved by the ‘great outdoors’. But what of the thoughts, questions and feelings, many of which could be described as ‘deep’, that these experiences generate? How might we embrace and learn from them?

A Philosophy Walk takes that most fundamental movement – walking – and uses it to stimulate reflection. Supported by professional facilitation, you will take part in some enjoyable group thinking. Whether it’s for pleasure or a particular purpose, it will be a rewarding experience.

Here’s what happens:

1. Body. We meet and greet, share initial thoughts and head off for a good walk in beautiful countryside. After the walk, we gather somewhere comfortable and enjoy some well deserved refreshment as we begin to reflect. 

2. Mind. As our bodies relax, it’s time to stretch our mental muscles. We draw on the extraordinary potential of the outdoors to stimulate deeper thinking as we take part in a ‘philosophical enquiry’, where the focus is on reasons rather than opinions. Through sharing ideas about our experiences, we will, together, explore what matters. 


You can come on your own or with family, friends or colleagues. Philosophy Walks are also ideal for team development. Please feel free to contact Graeme directly to discuss your needs. Thank you.

About Graeme Tiffany

Graeme is a pioneer of Community Philosophy as well as a fully qualified and highly experienced Mountain Leader, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands, both in body and in mind. He enjoys consistently high praise for his enjoyable, thought-provoking activities.