Next Community Philosophy Facilitator training course:
Maynooth University, Ireland, 18th – 19th July 2017

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If you are serious about enabling people to voice what they really think, feel and want, then Community Philosophy is an exceptionally effective way to do so.

This two-day course will equip you with all the skills you need to use this unique method in your own work. You will:

  • understand the broad range of contexts in which CP can be used;
  • learn how to introduce a Community Philosophy approach;
  • find out how to plan, facilitate and evaluate your discussions;
  • get a toolbox of practical workshop activities;
  • discover techniques to support parity in discussions;
  • have time to reflect on your working practice;
  • connect with a network of like-minded practitioners.

“If you truly want to hear people’s views and find genuine solutions to organisational challenges, then Community Philosophy is a brilliant tool. Graeme was an incredible facilitator. I can’t recommend his training highly enough.” Keiko Higashi, Project Manager, Powell-Cotton Museum.

“What stands out for me is how this process has the power to bring people from all walks of life together and provide a level playing field. I saw the ‘usual suspects’ who speak a lot sit back and listen and other people step forward with their views.” Niki Taigel, Freelance Informal Learning & Community Engagement