Detached youth work

I have a long-standing interest and involvement in detached youth work. I worked for many years in a number of detached and outreach jobs around the UK. For the last ten years I have been an executive committee member of the Federation for Detached Youth Work and in recent years been its Vice-Chair. I was instrumental in positioning the ‘Fed’ as the primary platform for UK detached youth work, a status allowing it to represent the field both in European and International Street Work networks. I am proud to be the UK representative and grateful for the experiences and learning this role has afforded me.

I have been involved in the education and training of detached, outreach and street-based youth workers around the world for nearly twenty years.

See here the Federation for Detached Youth Work’s submission to the Government’s Education Select Committee inquiry into Services for young people.

See here my short video which addresses the question: ‘What is detached youth work?’